GigaWorks T40 Series II

Выпуская акустическую систему GigaWorks T40 Series II, Creative поднимает качество звука на новый уровень.


Чистое звучание музыкальных произведений.

Выпуская акустическую систему GigaWorks T40 Series II, Creative поднимает качество звука на новый уровень. Разработанная для получения высокой верности воспроизведения звука на рабочем столе, эта двухкомпонентная акустическая система с глянцевой черной поверхностью сочетает самые качественные компоненты и настоящую мощность со знаменитой традицией GigaWorks обеспечивать высочайшую чистоту звука. Каждая колонка содержит два низкочастотных динамика с диффузорами из стекловолокна и высокочастотный динамик из ткани, добавляющий чистоту звучания. Эти высококачественные компоненты имеют расположение "MTM" и, дополненные технологией Creative BasXPort™, отвечают стандартам самых требовательных слушателей. Снабженная органами управления на передней поверхности и двумя входами для одновременного подключения к различным источникам, эта система удовлетворит самым высоким требованиям.
  • Являясь старшей моделью в семействе, эта двухкомпонентная акустическая система обеспечивает чистое воспроизведение звука.
  • Низкочастотные и высокочастотные динамики профессионального качества имеют расположение "MTM" для повышения равномерности звучания.
  • Технология BasXPort™ позволяет получить живое звучание басов без сабвуфера.
  • Органы управления с двумя входами для подсоединения к различным источникам без необходимости отсоединения кабелей расположены спереди для удобства регулировки.
  • Идеален для использования с компьютерами и MP3-плеерами.
  • Мощность динамиков:
    • 16 Вт RMS на канал (2 канала)
    • Частотная характеристика: от 50 Гц до 20 КГц

Отзывы (на английском языке)

  • TrustedReviews

    Creative impressed many people with its first generation Gigaworks T40 speakers so these new versions had a lot to live up to. Thankfully, the T40 Series IIs haven't just succeeded in maintaining that reputation; they've actually gone one step further and surpassed their predecessors. Sure, they're a bit big and you can certainly get better sounding speakers if you're willing to splash the cash but for their price these are without equal.

    GigaWorks T40 Series II



  • Heavy

    These tall desktop speakers are a fraction of the price of most bookshelf speakers, but these sound just as good. If a 2.0 system fits your sound and space needs, then the T40 speakers are a great option.

    GigaWorks T40 Series II


  • Moving Electrons

    Performance is nothing less than outstanding, having the bass port on top really helps filling the room without overwhelming the other frequencies. You can always fine tune Bass and Treble by playing with the knobs on the right speaker.

    GigaWorks T40 Series II


  • Techwalla

    Creative’s GigaWorks T40 Series II delivers impressive sound quality thanks to the individual sound drivers attached to each satellite. Distortion isn’t normally be an issue, but it becomes noticeable as the volume goes up. These speakers are designed to be plugged in to a computer, preferably along with a subwoofer for better bass.

    GigaWorks T40 Series II


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Customer Reviews (In English)

  • M. Fitri

    so fa so so good!

  • E. Wong

    My users love it. I bought 18 of them to be used as part of telephony system in office environment. The sound quality is great. Highly recommended.

  • K. Neo

    2 years now and still going strong. Excellent value and fantastic bass.

  • k. shi

    Great sound quality! worth for its price!

  • E. Ang

    The Gigaworks T40 Series II is truly a value for money purchase. The quality of sound that comes out of these speakers are amazing. Highly recommended for people who listen to music or play games. I was pleased to hear the directional sound of my enemies approaching on my front/left/right/behind clearly from these speakers. Gaming has taken on a new meaning for me. Also when listen to the band play, being able to hear and focus on the distinct sounds of each different instruments with their tones and hues was certainly welcome. Best buy ever!

  • J. Cheong

    I was shopping around for a replacement for my old Creative T3130 which has served me well for the past 5 years and the Gigaworks caught my eye. Since the T3130 was a 2.1 setup, I was initially a little sceptical about the bass performance of the Gigaworks T40 Series II as it does not come with a dedicated woofer. However the Gigaworks did not disappoint as the BasXPorts worked like a charm, providing deep and well-rounded bass. The midrange performance is exceptional and listening to music on the T40 Series II is always a treat. I am especially happy with the numerous connectivity options as I can choose to connect my headphones or portable media devices conveniently from the front. And if I ever get a PS4 in the future, the Gigaworks T40 Seires II also has me covered with the included dual RCA-to-stereo adaptor. In all, the Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II is a solid piece of engineering and I am very satisfied with my speakers upgrade. Highly recommended!

  • A. C. Wan

    The speakers has once again surprise me for the sound quality it is able to project on a working space in office. The bass thumping so powerful that the ceiling board trembles and all these without the need of a separate sub woofer. The trebles need a bit twitching on the EQ to get a more richer representation especially for female vocal. Overall, for the price, it is a 5 star for me.

  • L. Yeo

    One of the best looking and sounding 2.0 speakers you could buy. Despite reading all the complimenting reviews, I was still skeptical on how good a set of speakers without a sub-woofer will be. After owning it for a few weeks, I am now clear of doubts. The bass is more impressive than I had expected. If you are using it with a PC and think that your sound card is not good enough, or you are not getting results with these speakers, you will need to couple it with some sort of sound processing software(eg. Realtek Audio Manager), and be prepared to be blown away. The energy saving(standby) feature is greatly welcomed for me as well. After the speakers goes into sleep mode, it takes about a second to wake up upon detection of sound, and not 5-6 seconds as mentioned in some video reviews I saw on Youtube prior to purchasing. The gold plated auxiliary jacks on the right speaker are also very useful for quick audio input and microphone access. These speakers cost a premium price, but they also deliver a premium quality.

  • A. Goh

    Excellent product, just what I wanted. Strongly recommended

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Подробнее о вашем продукте

    • Размеры (B x Ш x Г) 88 x 143 x 313 мм
    • Конфигурация системы Система 2.0
    • Тип разъема Линейный вход, Дополнительный линейный вход
    • Цвет Черный
    • Конструкция MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) Design
    • Дополнительные сведения
      • Две акустические колонки
      • Стерео кабель (2 метра)
      • Адаптер "сдвоенный разъём RCA-стереоразъём" (адаптер для подключения ТВ)
      • Адаптер питания
      • Краткое справочное руководство
      • Листок технической поддержки и гарантия
    • Ограниченная гарантия на аппаратную часть сроком 1 год


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