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Настольные динамики 2.0 с питанием через USB



Creative Pebble была создана под влиянием японского сада камней. Её гладкий и элегантный внешний вид идеально впишется в любой интерьер, дома или в офисе. Устройство оснащено динамиками под углом 45° для расширения звуковой сцены и питается от USB.

Вы в самом центре

Благодаря настраиваемому 45° приподнятому динамику дальнего действия Creative Pebble, вы оказываетесь в самом центре звуковой сцены.

Мал да удал

Благодаря встроенным пассивным излучателям и суммарной мощности RMS 4.4Вт, маленький Creative Pebble способен воспроизвести глубокий, погружающий звук с кристально чистыми деталями. Просто подсоедините свое устройство к 3.5 мм входу и будьте готовы к ошеломляющему звуку.

Удобство под рукой

Мгновенный контроль громкости благодаря регулятору расположенному на передней панели Creative Pebble.


Нет места на столе? Не проблема

Ширина каждой из колонок Creative Pebble всего 11 см, что позволяет с лёгкостью разместить их рядом с компьютером без ущерба для рабочего пространства. Немаловажно и то, что Creative Pebble не нужна розетка, так как питается она от USB.

Музыка, соответствующая Вашему стилю.

Creative Pebble хорошо и выглядит, и звучит. Выбирайте из изысканного черного или чисто-белого цвета, который будет соответствовать Вашему стилю и рабочему столу.

Отзывы (на английском языке)

  • PCWorld

    We wouldn’t have thought a set of $25 speakers would impress us much, let alone turn out to be our favorites. But Creative Pebble's simple USB-powered 2.0 system defies all odds, producing richer, more immersive audio than you commonly find in speakers at twice the price.

    Creative Pebble


  • TechAeris

    The Creative Pebble Modern 2.0 USB Desktop Speakers offer great sound at an extremely reasonable price. If you’re looking for a small pair of desktop speakers that aren’t going to break the bank and give you decent sound, you should definitely give the Creative Pebble a go.

    Creative Pebble


  • PCWorld

    Pebble delivers surprisingly rich, immersive audio... Highs were crisp and clear, and the bass had plenty of presence. The audio overall had depth and detail no matter what type of music I ran through the speakers. Pebble sets a new bar with its well-above-average offers an inexpensive audio upgrade that’s tough to resist.

    Creative Pebble



  • Cheat Code Central

    Creative Pebble speakers are the kind of product that offers accessibility. It is a quality speaker put into a small, portable package. It is easy to carry around with you or place on a desk. It is perfectly angled to direct sound toward users. If you want to perfectly hear the games you are playing, while also saving space and making your desktop look good, this is the device for you.

    Creative Pebble


  • PC Mag

    Creative's USB-powered Pebble speakers look cool and deliver surprisingly solid audio for just $25. If you just want something simple and inexpensive, and don't mind the wires, you can't go wrong with the Pebble.

    Creative Pebble


  • GamesReviews

    They do their job, and they do their job well, because the first time I cranked some music through those itty bitty $30 speakers, I was shocked by what I heard...we are getting quality that I would expect to pay 50-60 dollars for, but instead am paying $30. You will NOT get better quality on the market right now, for this price.

    Creative Pebble


  • Daily Candid News

    Creative’s new ‘Pebble ‘ 2.0 desktop speakers not only are small enough to fit on any desk ( 4.4 inches wide each) but the sound will blow you away...The ‘Pebble’ delivers surprisingly good sound considering their size — highs are clean and clear and the bass thumps along. With its built-in passive radiators and an impressive combined RMS of 4.4W, the cute Creative Pebble will surprise you.

    Creative Pebble


  • Dad Kingdom

    As with all Creative products, the Pebble speakers do not disappoint. I am really impressed that such a solid, well-designed product can be had for $25 or less. If you need a set of desktop speakers, these are an easy recommendation from me. The quality and affordable price make them an audio slam dunk. Why spend more?

    Creative Pebble


  • GeekDad

    If you have a PC or desk-bound laptop that could use a little boost in the sound department, consider the Creative Pebble speakers. They make for an inexpensive and stylish audio upgrade. Bass is rich and highs are clean. Even at higher volumes, the speakers keep their composure quite well. And they put out more volume than I expected.

    Creative Pebble


  • Ars Technica

    Whichever laptop your kid takes to college with them, chances are its speakers will be terrible. The Creative Pebble is an affordable way to rectify that. This is a $20 pair of upward-firing desktop speakers that look and sound better than the price would suggest.

    Creative Pebble


  • The Gadgeteer

    I really like having the small Creative Pebble speakers on my desk to replace my bigger speaker system. It allows for me to get rid of unnecessary clutter on my desk while giving me better audio than the alternative of my Mac or laptop.

    Creative Pebble



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Customer Reviews (In English)

  • D. Cheong

    The Creative Pebble is an elegant yet inexpensive 2.0 desktop speaker with a surprisingly clear sound signature and 45° tilt for directional audio. Pebble can get loud enough to fill your room and the volume can be adjusted using the knob on the right satellite speaker, which is also used for turning it on or off. It is truly the result of bringing great design and amazing sound together! (Read Full Review:

  • R. Intravaia

    I'm very impressed with the sound quality for such small speakers. The price is amazing for the quality.

  • Y. K. Hsien

    Great performance for a small pair of speakers driven only by USB.

Creative Pebble 17.3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. based on 11 reviews.

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