Aurvana Air

Первоклассные наушники с приятным внешним видом, великолепными акустическими характеристиками и прочными дужками, изготовленными из металла с эффектом запоминания формы.


Изысканность, неподвластная времени. Исключительное качество звучания.

Искусно изготовленные заушины Aurvana Air EaseFit™ надежно закрепляются и практически не ощущаются на ушах. Гибкие легкие дужки Flexnium™ из никель-титанового сплава обеспечивают прочность, а нейтральное покрытие предназначено для защиты чувствительных ушей. Кремово-золотистое покрытие с акцентами из полированного металла производит впечатление неподвластной времени изысканности. Мощный неодимовый магнит со сверхтонкими динамиками и настроенными модулями басов обеспечивает невероятные акустические характеристики. Наушники Aurvana Air с кабелем из бескислородной меди высокой чистоты и позолоченным разъемом идеально подходят для любых цифровых применений и активного образа жизни.

  • Эргономичная подгонка — удобно и легко настраиваемые заушины EaseFit обеспечивают высочайший комфорт при длительном использовании. Благодаря подстройке под уши разного размера и надежному закреплению наушники Aurvana Air идеально подходят для приверженцев активного образа жизни.
  • Улучшенная конструкция дужек — легкие дужки Flexnium™ из никель-титанового сплава легко сгибаются, а нейтральное покрытие делает их безопасными для ушей, чувствительных к никелю. Дужки не подвержены коррозии, которую могут вызывать пот и грязь.
  • Исключительные акустические характеристики — наушники Aurvana Air, оснащенные мощным неодимовым магнитом со сверхтонкими высококачественными мембранами и настроенными модулями басов, обеспечивают невероятную акустическую мощность. Эффективная установка динамиков максимизирует звуковую отдачу.
  • Простая регулировка кабеля — высококачественный кабель с покрытием из термопластичного эластомера препятствует спутыванию и значительно понижает контактные помехи. Входящий в комплект регулятор позволяет практично и удобно изменять длину свободного кабеля.
  • Удобство хранения и переноски — акриловый футляр из комплекта поставки предназначен для хранения Aurvana Air. Для переноски Aurvana Air удобно использовать компактный кожаный чехол, который оснащен держателем для кабеля.
  • Неподвластная времени притягательность — кремово-золотистое покрытие с акцентами из полированного металла создает изысканный внешний вид.

Отзывы (на английском языке)

  • Mr. Gadget

    I was blown away by the sound I experienced when I slipped these featherweight headphones on – I was particularly impressed by the deep bass and crisp trebles which are a result of the powerful Neodymium magnet with ultra-thin drivers and tuned Bass Slots.

    Aurvana Air


  • Craving Tech

    The sound coming from it is crispier, clearer, and the music really comes to live with the Aurvana Air. The ear hook design is also stylish, sturdy, yet comfortable on the ears, perfect for runners or activities that involves lots of movement. The earphones just won't come off from the ears even if you jump around like crazy!

    Aurvana Air



  • Electricpig

    Clamp the Creative Aurvana Air headphones onto your lugholes and you'll soon realise immediately that you're dealing with a truly classy piece of kit. The sound quality is stonking, offering cracking bass and treble that made our electronica favourite… sound even cooler and cleverer than it already is.

    Aurvana Air



  • Good Gear Guide

    The most important aspect of any pair of headphones is undoubtedly sound quality — and the Aurvana Air earphones won’t let you down.

    Aurvana Air



  • The Independent

    The ear-hooks on these headphones are made from a nickel titanium metal, which means they’ll never lose their shape, even if you do hammer them in the gym. Great for running, but just as good for listening to Bach while having a stroll in the park.

    Aurvana Air


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Customer Reviews (In English)

  • M. Marzuki

    I have small ears and in-the-ear buds tend to be uncomfortable over an extended period of time. I bought with the intention of using it for running, which I did - ran a half marathon and it was extremely comfortable. After adjusting the soft earhook, it need little or no adjusting at all. Sound-wise I am no audio-phile but given the amount of movement involved, the sound was clear and uninterrupted. It has since replaced ALL my headphones - largely because the level of comfort and convenience, due to the incredibly good-looking & functional case. To me, this is truly a value-for-money product.

  • M. Mrvic

    Amazing high-quality product

  • a. kwa

    after 3 years still going strong! awesome sweat proof earphones!

  • S. Nixon

    These headphones are awesome, in fact I lost the first pair I bought and thought I'd replace them with a competitor's version and was so disappointed I promptly ordered another pair of the Aurvana Air. I couldn't believe it when I found the original pair shortly after receiving my new ones but I'm happy that I have two pairs, one for exercising and the other as an additional reference for my music production!

  • K. Ramani

    Wonderful product! I have been wanting to get this for ages and when it was on discount i immediately got it. So far, I love it! I like the weight and the feel of the Aurvana Air and the sound that comes out from it is excellent. What I like about it as well is, that it does not completely drown out outside noise while I am listening to music. As I go for runs and exercise, I like this aspect of it as I am still aware of my surroundings and am able to hear if someone call out to me or something like that. Overall, I like the design and listening aspect of the Aurvana Air. The fact that it sits nicely on the ears and contours to it makes it a must get product among the many choices out that. Especially, if you are someone that goes for runs and exercises, you can make sure you can hear your surrounding as well as not have to worry about the earphones dropping off your ears.

  • M. Fitzgerald

    These earphones are the very best. Perfect in fact. Have gone through a few over the years but am really happy with these ones. The treble and base are amazing. They don't fall off when I go to the gym. Wow what beautiful packaging. Tracking available all the way through. Fast delivery. Great service from Creative and another great product.


    Excellent! I had spotted those headsets long ago, but had been delaying the purchase. I needed a good headset for my workout, one that would actually stay in the ears without isolating me from the environment. I must say I deeply regret having waiting ago long before buying them! They are wonderful, the sound is crisp with very decent bass, even at low volume. I don't have to push the volume up to envoy my favorite tunes which allows me to still hear cars coming by. And most importantly, they simply don't move and don't need to be adjusted during my run. My wife and I made this our Valentine gift, and we are both equally happy about them. Last, the carrying pouch that comes along with the headset is nice and convenient. Great job creative!

  • S. Northey

    I wear these for ridge my bicycle, they are light and comfortable, they still allow me to here other traffic on the road without effecting the quality of the music when kept at an acceptable level. I have purchased these before and worn them out. Great for Running and Cycling.

  • A. Frydenlund

    It was like clockwork. As it is with Creative. (I bought a soundcard - Audigy 2 - some years back. ) The sound is like crystal, and U are not afraid to loose them, or having problems with them falling out of your ears all the time. Those braces are great!!!

  • W. v. Duijn

    Very good sounding phones comparative with my Sennheiser HD590 phones only much lighter.

  • j. asare

    Sound is superb. It will be amazing if it had mic on it. Easy to fit on ear and carry pouch is classic

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Aurvana Air 4.2 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. based on 5 reviews.

Подробнее о вашем продукте

    • Тип продукта Проводные наушники
    • Вес 16 г
    • Цвет Бронзовый
    • Частотная характеристика от 20 Гц до 20 кГц
    • Длина кабеля 1,2 м
    • Размер динамика 15,5-мм с неодимовым магнитом
    • Дополнительные сведения
      • Наушники Aurvana Air
      • 2 пары поролоновых накладок
      • Кожаный дорожный чехол со встроенным держателем для кабеля
    • Ограниченная гарантия на аппаратную часть сроком 1 год


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