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Отзывы (на английском языке)


The SXFI Theater is a fantastic gaming headset, despite its microphone woes. The Super X-Fi surround-sound technology is the stand-out feature and has made the Theater my go-to headset for all of my gaming sessions. If you're looking for an awesome audio experience to accompany your gameplay, then the SXFI Theater will not disappoint.



Tech Radar

Movies and TV shows sounded great, giving us a wide soundstage to listen to, providing more depth to the audio engineering that went into the content. When we watched Iron Man 3, for example, we could feel the effect go to work with all the various sound effects coming from different directions.

3.5/5 Stars




In my time as a writer for GBAtemp, no product has better justified its premium price point as the Creative SXFI Theater have. Where other low latency headsets I've used have put forward audio that sounds perfect to what I remember it should, these go beyond. From the clicks the Switch menu makes to elaborate title screen melodies, films, music, it hits every note to an exceptional and engrossing degree. These are headphones for gamers, streamers, audiophiles, film fanatics; they're an all-round treat for anybody fortunate enough to experience them. If you're in the market for some new headphones, I urge you to consider these. At £190, they're worth waiting for, and they're more than worth saving for.




Отзывы пользователей (на английском)

G. Singh

Wow!! Wonderful product!

J. King

I already had the original super xfi dongle with the Aurvana Live!2 and was pretty impressed with the quality but I've been quite bothered with the wires tangled up often. Then I saw the SXFI C on offer and thought that would be a good upgrade but have reservations about bluetooth on desktop. Saw the SXFI Theater, thought skeptical at the price point at first, decided to give it a try after much thought. Turns out the SXFI Theater is a beast on its own with the distanced sound effect even more pronounced than its predecessor. It breathed new life to old tracks, mainly game OSTs, arranged albums that goes all the way back at least 10 years ago. With orchestral tracks in high bitrate mp3 or flac or spotify high definition, the effect is even more gorgeous than before. In games with surround sound option, the direction of every sound was also much clearer in distance and direction that it adds on another dimension in gaming sessions. For the first time in a long time, Creative is exciting and relevant again for casuals who are not ready to invest in audiophile level equipment.

L. Paz

This is easily the best headset I've ever owned. I don't understand how the gaming community hasn't gotten behind these fantastic cans! For certain games I'll keep the SXFI Theater in stereo mode just because that specific game has a great stereo mix and the sound will be phenomenal. When the game has speaker support, oh boy you're in for treat when turning on SXFI. It really immerses you into the game! The difference is quite amazing with SXFI. Oh, and, I've used them for multiple days without having to charge once - crazy battery! Also, super comfortable with glasses being worn. It's a must buy.

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