Creative MUVO mini

Портативный водостойкий беспроводной динамик

Creative MUVO mini унесет вас в мир музыки дальше, чем вы могли себе представить. Он выдержал испытания погодой по требованиям стандарта IP66 и может работать автономно вплоть до 10 часов, а значит – вы сможете беспрерывно наслаждаться музыкой и в суровую погоду, и на дикой вечеринке у бассейна!



Душа компании

Душа компании

Великолепен у бассейна

Не расставайтесь с музыкой даже в воде! Водостойкий динамик Creative MUVO mini выдержал испытания погодой по требованиям стандарта IP661, благодаря чему ничто не помешает вам наслаждаться музыкой и в суровую погоду, и на дикой вечеринке у бассейна!

Возьмите вечеринку с собой

Возьмите вечеринку с собой

Динамик Creative MUVO mini небольшой и компактный, чтобы вы могли везде носить его с собой. Да начнется приключение!

Начните вечеринку

Начните вечеринку

Не стоит недооценивать звуковые возможности Creative MUVO mini из-за его размера! Этот динамик издает удивительно громкий и чистый стереозвук с таким глубоким басом, что никто не сможет удержаться от танца под вашу музыку.

Не дайте вечеринке остановиться

Не дайте вечеринке остановиться

Не волнуйтесь о том, что музыка внезапно остановится, ведь Creative MUVO mini работает автономно до 10 часов2. А когда заряд аккумулятора заканчивается, просто зарядите его через встроенный порт Micro USB.

Подойдет к любому гаджету!

Беспроводное подключение

Беспроводное подключение

Просто коснитесь Creative MUVO mini, чтобы легко и просто подключить его к вашему устройству с поддержкой NFC. Вы также можете подключить устройство через Bluetooth®3.

Линейный вход

Линейный вход

Creative MUVO mini оснащается встроенным 3,5 мм линейным входом для подключения аналоговых аудиоустройств.

Built-in microphone

Переключайтесь между музыкой и звонками

Динамик Creative MUVO mini позволяет вам легко переключаться между телефонными звонками и воспроизведением музыки. В него встроен микрофон, что позволяет использовать его и как устройство громкой связи. Завершив звонок, переключитесь обратно на музыку одним простым движением. Что может быть проще?

Что скрывается внутри

Что скрывается внутри
Что скрывается внутри
Два широкополосных микродинамика

Два широкополосных микродинамика

Для громкого и чистого стереозвука.

Крупный передний излучатель баса

Крупный передний излучатель баса

Для громкого баса.

Какой ваш цвет?

Какой ваш цвет?

Динамик MUVO mini выпускается в корпусе черного, белого, синего и красного цветов.

1 Класс защиты IP66 указывает на то, что динамик Creative MUVO mini имеет достаточную защиту от контакта твердых частиц с деталями внутри корпуса устройства, что он защищен от попадания пыли и от других посторонних предметов, а также от проникновения жидкости в любом количестве во время использования у воды.
2 Фактическое время автономной работы зависит от интенсивности использования, настроек и условий окружающей среды.
3 Устройство совместимо с большинством стереофонических устройств Bluetooth.

Отзывы (на английском языке)

  • Tech Radar

    We've seen mighty sound packed into some small form factors, options with incredible battery life and even some that can take a tough tumble. But we haven't seen a single speaker that can accomplish all of these feats – until the Creative Muvo Mini came along.

    Creative MUVO mini



  • First To Know

    For such a sleek, appealing device, it delivers great sound and is awesome for outdoor use, especially if you plan on enjoying a day at the beach or taking off for a lengthy bike ride with friends. It has been weather-tested and can endure the most rugged experiences, including dusty environments and beer spills.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Tech Radar

    The Creative Muvo Mini is perfectly suited to those looking for a feature-packed Bluetooth speaker that's small enough to fit in a backpack, but capable enough to churn out your tunes with surprisingly full fidelity.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Mac Format

    Sound quality excels at avoiding distortion even at volume. The bass radiator does an admirable job with low-end notes... the gamut of music genres sounds full of warm mid range and highs.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • CelebZter

    Sure, it’s cute and colorful  but how does it sound? We’re happy to report that the new Mini Muvo from Creative has serious bass chops, perfect for beach or pool parties. Tested with our kick-ass playlist — heavy on Ariana Grande, Izzy and Jay-Z —  the mini speaker didn’t disappoint. The portable, water-resistant wireless speaker also has a long battery life of up to 10 hours, and when it runs out of juice, just re-charge via it’s Micro USB port.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Twin Geeks

    Battery life is a pretty impressive 10 hours, and I found myself casually using it around the house for days without having to recharge. I also found myself casually using it around the house because it’s great.The two full-range micro drivers are working their little socks off, making the Muvo Mini significantly louder than you’d imagine. The speakers are front loaded so it does help when you’re facing in it’s general direction. There’s also an oversized front bass radiator that you can feel wobbling away, adding oomph to your comings and goings. Nothing sounds muddied and whilst the sound doesn’t quite manage “sparkling”, I was generally very pleased with the results.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Toronto Thumbs

    Overall, the sound quality is quite good. Sound separation and clarity are both great; I listened to several different acoustic jazz and blues songs, as well as classical – and I found that I could distinguish different instrument groups (if not individual instruments) with little difficulty. Electronica, pop, and rock music also play quite effectively on the MUVO mini, thanks to a great dynamic range.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • The Gadget Show Online

    If you're looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker to keep you entertained on the go, Creative's Muvo mini could fit the bill - and for a couple of quid under £50, it's not going to bust your wallet either. It packs in IP66 water and dust resistant powers and it can quickly pair up with your phone with just a quick NFC tap, making it ideal to take with you wherever you're going. 10 hours of battery and decent sound give the Muvo mini plenty of bang for your buck.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Inside-StartUps

    For a compact speaker, the Muvo delivers surprising music volume and clarity, plenty loud for a group of 10 or so enjoying the great outdoors.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Entertainment Buddha

    Creative's Muvo Mini is a fantastic portable wireless speaker that can turn any shindig into a full fledged party thanks to its powerful sound and even better price.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • The Mom Buzz

    My whole family loves music at the beach. The Creative Muvo Mini Portable Wireless Weatherproof Speaker makes it easy and carefree. It is designed for WET AND LOUD USE. It features two full-range micro drivers, an oversized bass radiator and provides 10 hours of use. It can even take calls, so you don’t have to handle your smartphone with sandy hands! It has a “tight” design, in both looks and build.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Slinky Studio

    So the MUVO mini shines as a marvel of value in this fiercely competitive market, bound together with an appealing water & dust resistant design, ease of use and a hearty battery life.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • MyMac

    At top volume there is no distortion, and it is loud! Treble and midrange are outstanding, and bass is much better than you would expect from such a small and lightweight system.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Sound Guys

    The Muvo Mini does fill a room, and it sounds fairly big for its size...

    Creative MUVO mini


  • Gizmodo UK

    The Muvo Mini has loud sound, strong bass, IP66 water and dust protection, as well as Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

    Creative MUVO mini


  • GadgetViper

    The Creative MUVO mini is a solid little portable speaker, far better than most inside this price bracket. The build quality is precise and it’s anodized finish is perfect for handling. It’s light, portable and the IP66 rating makes it ideal for taking outdoors. The audio quality is as good as you are likely to find on a speaker this size and the Bluetooth signal seems extremely reliable.

    Creative MUVO mini


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Customer Reviews (In English)

  • T. Chung

    I have been buying creative labs speakers for many years and I can say that my latest purchase does not disappoint. Good speaker sound quality for a portable speaker. Easy to use directly out of the box. Long battery life.

  • A. Ahmed

    I love Creative products and this bluetooth speaker is excellent. I've had this for almost five months now. It connects with my phone quickly both via bluetooth and NFC. The sound is of great quality and pretty loud for the size. The design is really nice and it is a good size, easy to carry with you to a party/park etc. The amount of charge on this is great too - it is supposed to give ten hours of playback on a full charge and this sounds about accurate (though I haven't measured it I've hardly had to charge it in the five months I've owned it and I use it almost daily ). It also turns off by itself after about 10-15 minutes if it isn't in use. I can't get it to connect to my laptop, however, which is my only negative for this product. (I think this is due to different Bluetooth systems - 4.0 for the speakers and 2.0 for the laptop which is a quite a few years old now, so be warned if your tech is old). Not too much of a problem when my phone has all of my music, but it would have been useful! All in all, great value for money, highly recommend.

  • K. Dent

    Excellent mini speaker. Good Bluetooth range, simple to understand controls, easy to link and decent depth to the sound for a small speaker. Ideal for a portable speaker and easily the best I have seen in this price range. The waterproof aspect and great battery time are the icing on the cake. Highly recommended.

  • d. burridge

    for the price and size of the speaker the sound is amazing and it is incredible value for money ,I love it.

  • E. Lim

    Sound great look great feel great .

  • E. Eu

    Simple and quick blue tooth connection with great clear sound. Used it for my laptop, iPad & hand phone. Will recommend without hesitation.

  • S. Chew

    Small in size, Huge in sound quality. Keep up the good work Creative!

  • P. Spizzirri

    Fantastic sound for such a small device. I had the creative MUVO, which has brilliant sound and is very durable. However, I needed something smaller as I needed to take it around in a rucksack. The mini is the perfect choice.

  • R. Waring

    Excellent bit of kit, good sounds for such a small unit. Portable and easy to pair. Glad I bought it

  • A. Azib

    This is unbelievable value for money ! This stuff sounds great and as good or better than equivalent units out there. I never got a chance to test this before I bought it. Bought on good faith of the Creative quality ... was not disappointed.

  • L. chiam

    Great product! Especially love that the speaker is waterproof. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze and battery life is awesome.

  • E. Lam

    Excellent sound and delivery. No complaints

  • Z. H. Chiam

    Great product, good sound, at a reasonable price. No regrets buying this!

  • R. Watson

    Stunning little traveling speaker, just great.. I now have two ☺️

  • S. Kulasekharam

    Great sound for such a small package. Love the color. Good for both home and external use.

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Подробнее о вашем продукте

    • Размеры (B x Ш x Г) 190 x 37 x 59 мм, USB-кабель Длина: 0,6m
    • Вес Динамики: 285g (10.1oz), USB-кабель: 21г
    • Тип аккумулятора Встроенный перезаряжаемый (литий-ионный), 2200 mAh
    • Время работы аккумулятора 10 часов
    • Конфигурация системы Моноблочный
    • Версия Bluetooth® Bluetooth 4.0
    • Дополнительные сведения
      • Creative MUVO mini
      • Кабель Micro USB
      • Краткое руководство пользователя
      • Гарантийный талон
      • Инструкция по безопасности и нормативная информация
    • Ограниченная гарантия на аппаратную часть сроком 1 год


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